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We believe that with the right strategy, anyone can start the journey toward financial freedom and achieve the lifestyle they desire. Grow Today helps you create a personalized financial plan and align your current finances to your future goals.

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Get one app that helps you spend, budget, and invest like a millionaire in minutes.

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Learn the simple path to wealth, taught by proven expert and multi-millionaire Glen McIvor.

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Get access to guides, and personal automation tools that will help you reach financial freedom and retire sooner than later.

What our students saying

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I’ve learned so much about budgeting my finances through Grow Today money school. I created my money plan on Grow Today app and it reduced my retirement age by 20 years in the last 6 months, all thanks to an amazing platform and the educational content! Thank you, Glen, and the Grow Today team!!!

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I started watching, reading and learning more about increasing awareness and success for my personal finance. Created my personalized financial plan last week and now need to stay focused. Grow Today is the bomb! They want me to be successful.”

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Grow Today gives you the education and the toolkit you need to arrange your finances and start your journey toward wealth-accummulation and financial freedom.

Grow Today is for anyone that earns a modest to high income and is looking to utilize expert financial advice to build wealth over time and possibly even retire early. If you need to make sense of your finances and chart a path to financial freedom, then you’re in the right place.

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