The Grow Today App is due for a US release in late 2023!

Your Wealth is Waiting: Unlock It with Smart Financial Automation

The Grow Today App is designed to make it easy for you to start your path to financial freedom. Build a plan that you understand, that works for you. Manage your money day to day with simplified banking. Automate your investing to remove the complexity, guesswork, emotion and uncertainty. 

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Get access to simplified banking that is seamlessly integrated with your financial plan. Your money will automatically go where you send it rather than wondering where it all went. 

Shape your financial future

Automated investing is the hidden super-power of the App. Set your plan and we'll automatically invest a percentage of your pay so you can head to financial freedom.

How the Grow Today App works for you


I learned so much about budgeting and investing in the Grow Today Masterclass. The App is making it so simple to actually take action and implement my new plan. Thank you Coach, and the Grow Today team!


I can't believe there is one App that manages all my money needs. I can get paid, transfer money, use my card and all my accounts are linked to the financial plan I built. And it's all automatic. It's like magic! 

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